1. Never Again

From the recording Palimpsest

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Copyright 2018 Crooked Rook Music


Never Again
Hey where you going?
I-I-I know where you been
A smile like that, my God your fangs are showing!
Put your lies away, back up slowly
You went away and you’re not coming back again!
Pain distorts intention,
It’s plain to see the struggle in your eyes
A need so great you can’t see past desire
Put your pain away, take back control
You went away, but you’re not going back again

Tearin me up again (X3),
Breakin my heart again!
Love can build the bridges,
Forgiveness and the truth can set you free
An honest touch, my love the feeling’s growing
Put your pain away, it’s time to move on
You’re back to stay and you’re not gonna leave again!