Crooked Rook @ Rahe Maountain

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Don't miss Crooked Rook and Undone as they Invade Rahe Mountain together for the first time!

Saturday October 2, 2021                                                           All Ages, gates open at 5:00                                                     Undone will kick off the show at 8:00

Rahe Mountain is an outside venue, you can bring camp chairs, blankets, whatever you need to be comfortable!  Camping Available   

There will be a food truck with Hot Dogs, Burgers etc. and soft drinks!  Alcohol is not available but you can BYOB!  And Rumor has it there will be a huge Bonfire! 

Purchase the band new Crooked Rook E.P. "Palimpsest". 

Available now!

Review written by Rachael Yearsley (RSG ROXY) Rockstars Glued 3.0 If you are seeking music overflowing with originality AND personality, then Crooked Rook is the band for you! Their epic metal musical style will broaden your mind, as it takes you into a deep realm of musical bliss. On April 20th, they will be releasing their new EP, Palimpsest. Within this EP, you will hear extreme tempo changes, stimulating solos, harmonious interludes and soulful lyrics. The intricacy and passion Crooked Rook applies to each of their songs is astounding.This is a band that embellishes many layers of their sound as well as their aptitude to rock out.”

Rachael Yearsley (RSG ROXY) Rockstars Glued 3.0

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